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Eugeniusz Daczyński - was born in 1924 in Oświęcim. When he became smith's apprentice in Babice, the war began. His whole family was uprooted. After few months Eugeniusz and his younger sister illegally crossed the border and came back to their home town. He lived with his friends. As he wanted to avoid being abducted to provide a forced labour in Germany, he started to work in IG Farben. He was building the road to Zator, the foundations of the power station and levelling the grounds. That is where he saw the SS men torturing the prisoners of the concentration camp and the citizens of Jugoslavia. When the invaders left Oświęcim he started to work as an orderly in the camp hospital run by Polish Red Cross. He was taking care of the Birkenau prisoners.

In September 1945 he started to work as a postman and worked there till the retirement. He also sang in the church choir and played in the shows of the salesian ministry.

In 1995 on 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau he was decorated with the honorary PCK award. In 2004 he was decorated with Oświęcim medal for his long work for the community, promotion of the town in his literature works. Honorary citizen of Oświęcim.

Wanda Nosal - was carrying messages between Auschwitz prisoners and the civil population. She was bringing food and medicines for the prisoners.

Jan Knapik –He was taking bread from his aunt in Jawiszowice and planted it for the prisoners. For the prisoners in Babice he was carrying the medicines, which his father was bringing from Krakow. He got arrested three times and imprisoned in KL Auschwitz. Every time he was released by the chief of the criminal police. After the war he was an extra in the film "Ostatni Etap" ("The Last Stage").

Władysław Foltyn - he worked as the civil worker in Auschwitz concentration camp. For helping prisoners he was imprisoned and put in the Block 11 (The Death Block). Released from the camp in 1943, he was sent to provide forced labour to Germany. After the war Soviet soldiers imprisoned him in the same cell in which he was kept during the occupation.

Sobolewicz Tadeusz (prisoner no 23053) - in 1941 he was sent to KL Auschwitz in the transport from Radom District. In the camp he was registered under conspiratorial name Tadeusz Sobolewicz. From Auschwitz he was transferred to Buchenwald, then to Leipzig, Mülsen, Flossenbürg and Regensburg. Liberated in May 1945. After the war he became an actor. He played in many Polish theaters. He wrote books: "Wytrzymałem, więc jestem" and "Mieć kogoś". Decorated with Commander's Cross Order of Polonia Restituta.
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